Uzinfocom introduces Redemption period service

UZINFOCOM Single integrator for creation and support of state information system (the .UZ Domain Registry of the Republic of Uzbekistan) has developed and deployed the Redemption Period service.   

The service implies a recovery period for the domain administrator’s rights to the continous administration of a respective domain name for up to 30 days. This international good practice creates conditions for protection of domain name administrators and trademark holders’ rights where they have forgotten to renew a domain name by preventing an ultimate loss of the right to the domain.

Domains fall into the Redemption Period status where their owners have not had time or forgotten to renew the domain names within the indicated period (one calendar year prior to the registration period expiry date  ), or if such domains are in the «Waiting for the extension» Status. During the Redemption Period period, it is only the incumbent domain administrator that can renew his rights to the domain name through the Registrar for an additional fee. During the Redemption Period, the domain name is inactive, the procedure for deleting it from the domain name registry starts but the its recent  adminstrator’s contact data are still active/ Also, during the Redemption Period, the said domain administrator, may change the Registrar at his discretion in line with the prescribed manner.

If during the Redemption Period the respective fee for the domain name was not paid, then after the expiration of this period the domain name will be deleted from the domain name registry and find itself on the free market.

«This innovation will minimize the need for  litigation and other disputes related to domain names by giving domain name administrators a second chance to renew their domain name. After the introduction of the 30-day Redemption Period, it will be very difficult to accidentally lose a domain name - commented Mr. A.I. Gimranov, Head of the .UZ domain Administration.

The Single Integrator UZINFOCOM has managed the national domain .UZ since March 2003, in accordance with an agreement signed between the Republic of Uzbekistan and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

For more information on the Rules and Policies at .UZ, please, visit www.сс or contact us at:; tel. + 998 71 238 42 45

9 сентября 2019 года